I’m glad you’re here!

In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.


The beginning of everything that ever began begun with a word from God. He spoke creation into existence, He spoke through the prophets of the Old Testament, He spoke through Jesus, ‘Peace, be still,’ to a storm that was circulating around them. God has a lot to say, and He especially has a lot to say about you. He has much to say about your life, your thoughts, and what you’re going through.

God had much to say about my life, and through the words He spoke to me came the vision of a blog, ‘Womanoftheword.’ I was talking to the Lord about my finances. I was telling Him how I needed an increase. I said, “Lord, you know exactly what I need and I need an increase. What should I do?” There were positions at my job opening up and I even had an interview. However, I didn’t get the position which turned out to be a blessing. I continued speaking to the Lord when the word ‘hands’ dropped into my spirit.

I asked the Lord,

“Lord, what am I to do with my hands? I’m not a builder or an artist or anything that requires using my hands.”

And He speaks to me and says,

“You’re a writer, aren’t you? You play violin, don’t you?…” and He goes on and has me to list all of the things that I do with my hands.

I’m amazed! I’ve been writing my entire life. I write hours on end at my job just for pleasure and just because I love studying the word of God. How could I have missed this? I say all this to say: There’s provision in your purpose. When God speaks, listen. When He gives you a vision or an idea, follow after it. He will show you the answers to the big ‘when, where, and how’ questions. In your obedience, you will follow after Him. Your treasure and your heart are in the same place, make sure both are in Him.

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