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John 10:27

My sheep hear My voice, and I know them, and they follow Me.

From the time I was child to now, an adult, I can go anywhere with my mother and find her when we become separated. I hate being separated from my mother and I’m not ashamed to say it. I hate when I’m in a store with her and I’ve walked too far away from her and now I can’t see her. She’s a small woman and this is a big world. And yes, I know I’ll see her eventually, but in those moments it can feel like I’ve lost her forever. But when I’m separated from her, I know that it was me that wondered off. I look for her by going back to the place I last saw her and I listen intently for her voice. Her voice is so distinct to me, I could hear her even in the midst of a crowd. It’s not a loud voice, it’s soft and sweet but very distinct to me because I stay close to her. That’s how people know that we must be related (besides the fact that we’re nearly twins).

As a believer, you’re related to God through the blood of Jesus Christ. You should know His voice in the midst of everything you’re going through. You should be able to hear Him through all the noise in this world. The closer you are to Him, the easier it will be for you to discern the voice of God versus the voice of Satan, our enemy. The voice of Satan is loud and chaotic. It brings pressure to you and causes you to make hasty decisions that lead to destruction. But God’s voice is soft and still, and it brings peace to you. His voice causes you to make slow and wise decisions that lead to prosperity.

Do you know the voice of God?

Think about a situation you’re facing in your life right now. Do you know what God says about that situation? Do you know how He tells you to handle it? God is not a god of confusion. He will never allow you to be in a situation and not instruct you on how to overcome it. He didn’t allow the Bible to be written just so it can collect dust on our shelves. He didn’t allow the Bible to be written so we can argue among our brethren about which version is best. He allowed His words to be written so we would know His voice and follow after it.

I believe there will come a time where Bibles will be eradicated. I believe there will come a time when it will become illegal to carry a Bible. But thanks be to God that His word is written on our hearts. It is imperative that you know what His word says so when that time comes, you can still follow after His voice. There’s only one way to hear God’s voice:

  1. Know the Word of God: Don’t just read the Bible like a story book. Allow the Holy Spirit to teach you all things and study the word of God. Even if you only know a few scriptures, that’s still better than not knowing His voice at all. Even if you forget the chapters and versus, that’s still better than not knowing His voice at all. If you learn the entire Bible, bless you! But to truly know the voice of God is to do what it says. Follow after His voice by being obedient.

Hearing the voice of God and following after Him isn’t difficult when you love Him. Jesus says if you love Him then you’ll keep His commands. Just like a parent, if you love your parent then you’ll obey them because you know that they love you and only want what’s best for you. I pray that you love God so deeply and intimately that you can’t help but to obey Him. I pray that if you hear the Lord’s voice today that your heart wouldn’t be hardened by disobedience. I pray that you continue to have a hunger and thirst for Him and that His word will sustain you.

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