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“You are the sons of the Lord your God;…for you are a holy people [set apart] to the Lord your God; and the Lord has chosen you out of all the peoples who are on the earth to be a people for His own possession.”

Deuteronomy 14:1[a]-2 AMP

“You are the salt of the earth. But what good is salt if it has lost its flavor?…”

Matthew 5:13 NLT

The Lord spoke this over me today, “being different makes the difference.”

In 2018 after I came back from my first mission trip in Peru, the Lord told me to prepare my letter of resignation. I thought to myself, “What is this man talking about? Resignation? I just got here! I have a good job, a job that I prayed for and received.” I typed it up and saved it and I knew that when it was time the Lord would tell me to submit it. But honestly, I never believed I would need it. I had a good job! It was my answered prayer. So I thought I might’ve had some left over excitement from my trip.

Now a year later in 2019, things began to change. There was a shift in the atmosphere I was in. My relationships were changing between coworkers and management, I was no longer being treated the same, and the job was no longer providing for me in the way that it had been. My debts were increasing and my salary wasn’t going along with it. My health began to plummet and I was losing all the peace I had at this job. There were days when I would wake up crying and go to sleep crying because of the stress and anxiety I had been dealing with. I was having anxiety attacks in my sleep. I wasn’t dressing confidently anymore, I wasn’t maintaining the health of my hair and skin anymore. I was allowing my body to slowly deteriorate it seemed. I was stressed at home with my family. I felt like a failure and like I was unable to provide for them in the best way. I was hopeless and afraid.

In 2020, I began to strengthen myself in the Lord again. I was going back and forth in my mind with the Enemy but God’s Word is my weapon against his lies. God was fighting for me and I began to get encouraged again. I started speaking confidently to my management about increases that were due to me. I tried asking for more hours now that I felt I was capable to work more. But I was denied both. I felt the heartache of rejection. I felt confused, stressed, and angry. This wasn’t fair and I knew it. I knew I was more than qualified.

Outside of the job I began looking for other work and internships. 165. That was the amount of jobs I applied to from the fall of 2019 until now. I was overwhelmed until the Lord told me, “Be still.” So, I stopped applying and started praying. I stopped applying for just any job and I started praying for the job that I needed to have. I started walking in His peace and I heard, “It’s time.” I knew in my spirit, at last, it was time to leave from this place.

It was bittersweet leaving my friends and a good company but this company was no longer good to me or for me. I had no money and was struggling to feed myself at times. But God always provided. He was saying, “You can trust me” and I began to believe Him. I was scared but determined to “do it afraid.” I wasn’t going to let anything stop me from doing what the Lord was telling me to do. I wasn’t going to let money stop me, debts stop me, the lack of a degree stop me, no connections stop me, no interviews stop me, rejection stop me. I knew that God was faithful above all this and I’ve seen firsthand by the testimony of others how God provides.

So, if He can do it for them, why can’t He do it for me?

I submitted my letter of resignation and everyone was shocked. I was shocked. I never would’ve thought I’d leave my job, especially without having another one lined up. But I trusted the Lord. I moved by faith and not by sight.

When I did this, I was getting financial blessings from the left and the right. I started asking the Lord what He wanted to do with it, instead of thinking of what I wanted to do with it. He designated my funds and now I have no need to worry about the bills that are coming while I wait for a job.

I started going to events and allowing the Lord to qualify me. I started allowing Him to network for me. People began telling me how qualified I was instead of me having to say anything. After I resigned from my job, jobs that hadn’t been created yet began to open up for me to apply to. Recruiters began contacting me with job offers. But I wasn’t settling for just anything, I want what God has in store for me. So, I’m still waiting and praying and applying and networking but by His Spirit and not my power.

I woke up today and asked, “Okay, Lord, what do you want to do today?” He said, “Network.” I got on LinkedIn. I have a new goal for myself, every week I’m determined to contact 3-5 recruiters and ask them how to be a suitable candidate for their company. I noticed there had been a recruiter on my page for a company I applied to and I reached out to him and asked him, “What would make me a suitable candidate?” Then I continued about my morning, not thinking about an immediate response. I received a notification that he was looking on my profile AGAIN, then another recruiter was looking on my profile.

He responded. He asked a few questions, then asked if he could call me. Once on the phone, after a few seconds, he says, “You know I posted the application on LinkedIn and others have applied but you’re the only one who has reached out to me about the job. I’m very impressed and I was going to wait until next week to begin reaching out for interviews but I’d like to speak with you as soon as possible because you have what I’m looking for.”

I began doing my praise dance while on the phone. I have an interview this Friday.

Now this might not even be the job that God has for me, though it’s the one that I desire. The point of this testimony is that God qualifies us. I’m not an expert at this job, nor do I have the degree. But God qualified me. He’s been grooming me for this job and positions like it. He’s given me the strength and confidence to draws others in, like recruiters. He makes me an attractive candidate.

So, whatever it is in your life that you feel under qualified for, don’t sell yourself short. Most importantly, don’t sell God short! He is able to do exceedingly and abundantly ABOVE all you could ever ask or think. God did more for me in under 24 hours than I did for myself in 8 months! He is ABLE! Walk by faith and not by sight. Don’t try and be like the world. Don’t try and do what they do to get qualified. Stand out and trust God!

Be a peculiar people.

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