I used to always say things like “see you tomorrow” or make definite plans about a temporary future. Then I noticed my spiritual parents would always say things like “see you soon” or “God willing” and I thought why do they always do that? Why can’t they just give me a definite answer? But they’d always say “Carly, life is but a vapor.” They’d remind me of how soon the word ‘soon’ actually is when Jesus said He’d be back. They reminded me how to be absent from the body is to be instantly present with the Lord.

This post isn’t to depress or discourage. This is a reminder and a heart check. One minute we were all living our lives regularly, going to buy groceries regularly, working regularly, and going to school regularly. Nobody thought in the twinkling of an eye fear and chaos would be around us. Nobody could’ve predicted the rapid contraction of this virus.

But God knows. He also knows how unprepared His people are. He also knows the fear that still rules their lives. He also knows who their god really is based on who they go to for provision and protection. His word says He will NOT return until His bride, His people, His TRUE church, are without blemish.

Wake up Kingdom people! This is not our home. We love every precious moment God has blessed us with here. But that’s why our lives HAVE to be for His purpose and glory because when everything else fades away, He will still be present. He and His people are the only things that are eternal. His love, PEACE, joy, and all other fruits will carry on but grocery store products will not. He HAS to be enough for us.

Now if you haven’t decided He is enough for you, I implore you right now to invite Him into your heart and into your life. God sent His only Son, Jesus, to die for your sins, fears, pains, and provision. He did this because He knew that this life would be temporary but His love would be eternal for you!

Just say this, “Lord I recognize that I need you in my life. I recognize that without you I have nothing and I am nothing. I recognize that outside of you I am a sinner and I am broken. But I acknowledge now that you paid the price for me to have forgiveness, peace, and provision into eternity. I receive what you have done now and I thank you, in Jesus Name”

That’s it and that’s all! No strings attached, no secret formula, you’re adopted in His kingdom. His word says in Genesis when He made the promise to Abraham that He could swear on nothing greater than Himself. Jesus is that promise, His Spirit is the seal.

So now go forward in this season that we’re all in trusting and knowing that God’s promises are guaranteed in this temporary world. If He can save your soul, then He can protect your body. If He can provide an eternity for you, then He can provide all of your needs today. Amen.

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