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I’m terrible at writing these things so I’ll try to keep it short and sweet. My name is Carly Ogletree and I’m the founder of WOTW, womanoftheword. I’m twenty-two years old from Atlanta, Georgia and I am on fire for the Lord. I fell back in love with Christ in 2016 and haven’t looked back since. It’s been a journey! This fight of faith has been an uphill battle but God has been with me along the way taking me from glory to glory. On a quest to find my purpose, I sought the Lord and asked “What is your will for my life and what does that look like?” I didn’t receive an immediate answer but looking back now, I realize the answers were in front of me all along, in His presence. I began writing Facebook posts when I was inspired by the Lord. I am a student of the Holy Spirit and I wanted to share with others everything that He was teaching me. I was also teaching in the children’s ministry at Truth Tabernacle of Praise in Stone Mountain, GA. Also, my friends and family began coming to me for advice and I was compelled to give them advice from the word of God. I realized I was called to teach. Then I asked, “Lord, what does that look like?” I knew I wasn’t called to teach traditionally so I asked God to put the pieces together. I remembered the vision He gave me called Kingdom Connections (which is still in the works), and it is a vision of a system to connect the body of believers together to reach the lost. The goal is to end division within the body of believers and restore unity. Then I received confirmation that I needed to go back to school, so I was blessed to return Georgia Gwinnett College and changed my major to Human Development, in order to, build my own training and development program (which is also in the works). Another part of my life is revolved around my music; I enjoy playing violin, singing, and writing music. I also love traveling for mission work. Lastly, I love working tirelessly on my book. I pray reading about what I’m learning and growing through blesses you just as much as it blesses me.

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