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Please see new vlogger and best friend, Ordinary Nichole, as she uncovers fear and helps us meditate and focus our thoughts on God’s word

This week was expected to be our worst week in U.S. history, what are the odds that it was Jesus’ worse week too? Let’s remember this Passover for what it truly is: blood that was shed for all to be saved. ALL HAIL KING JESUS.
This morning in my worship time this song reminded how there’s nobody like God. No matter what comes up against us be it death or disease, there’s nothing and no one that compares to the power and peace that is found in Him. We are SAFE.
Think of all the things you’re asking God for right now. Trust and believe that He is FAITHFUL to fulfill His promises to you. While you wait ask yourself, “Would I still love Him EVEN IF He didn’t do what I’m asking of Him?” EVEN IF God doesn’t come through with your requests can you trust and believe that He wants whats best for you? Can you trust and believe in HIS timing over your own schedule? Thank God in all circumstances, even in His “Nos” and His “Not yet.”

In this season, I sense in my spirit that the Lord is doing a move in your life. This is a season of transition for many of you. This is the season where you witness the impossible become possible. This is the season where you witness your healing and the healing of others. This is the season where you see God do a move in your life. This is the season where you transition from doubt and unbelief to faith and freedom. Ask the Lord, “Lord, where are you moving?” Follow after Him, follow after His presence, follow after His healing, follow after His love, follow after His love, and don’t stop the chase. Don’t stop pursuing His movement.

The name Adam comes from the Hebrew word adamah, meaning, “earth”

The name Abraham comes from the Hebrew word word hamon, meaning, “many, multitude”

The name Moses comes from the Hebrew word mashah, meaning, “drew out”

The name Jesus Christ comes from the Hebrew word Yehoshu’a (Joshua) meaning “YAHWEH is salvation”

Your name has meaning and when your name is called it brings a release into the atmosphere. Jeremiah 1:5 says, “Before I formed you in the womb I knew you…” God knew your name in spirit before you were created in the flesh. He knew that your name was going to release something on the earth . I’ve discovered that the name Carly is feminine for “free man.” Whenever my name is called the spirit of freedom is released. What does your name mean to the Lord? And are you releasing the Spirit behind your name? He knows your name!

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